There might be hundreds of exercises or workouts available for getting relieve from the pain in your back but according to a new research, yoga and stretching are the best of them all to help you get over the chronic back pain that has made your life difficult.

Beginners Yoga program that is supplied on home DVD’s or is made available at various gyms is the most proficient way to kick off your exercise to shun away the back pain. Also extensive stretching exercises programs provide equal beneficial effect for pain in your back. It would be righteous to say that both of these workout or exercise plan have superiority over taking medicine for back pain, even if it is severe. When it comes to cost comparing of these exercises with self-caring books or medicine, this is certainly more cost effective.

According to a study conducted recently, a total of 228 patients with back pain were put under observation for getting rid of back pain using the yoga and the stretching exercise methods. This group was segregated in 3 areas; one group targeted on the yoga. Second targeted on doing stretching exercises, and lastly the third group was given a copy of self-care book which had instructions on all kinds of back pains and the provided the reader with methods to get relieve from them. The results were in highly in favor of yoga and stretching group and the individuals in these groups have also cut down on their medication for back pain as the exercises help them get rid of the pain.

Furthermore, it would be wise to say that yoga and stretching classes should be opted for after properly looking as in what best suits your body type. There are also myriad options in regards to having an exercise such as biking, swimming, or simple workout. The experts suggest that an individual should go for an exercise that he or she is able to do at regular basis and does not get bored of doing it. These exercises are there to help you gain strength and visible movement in your body along with you having a lot of fun doing them.

Some say that yoga classes and trainers are real expensive to go around with, but the answer to this situation is that, that what is more important your life or money. It is certainly a healthy investment which will help you regain strength in all aspects and the pain will be reduced more effectively without any side effects, thus in taking of those large medicines for chronic back pain is longer a need. You can learn these exercises at a class and then conduct these sessions on your own at home and do them at your own pace, because with an effective workout, your body is more strong to face the challenges of life.