When people hear the word yoga, they immediately begin thinking of exercise, calm and most importantly relaxation. Yoga and relaxation have been associated with each other for long and the two go hand in hand. Many years ago, yoga had already been associated with relaxation and many texts were also found which talked about the importance of maintaining a healthy life which was possible with the help of relaxation. The approaches which these texts talked about were known as Yoga Nidra, Nidra meaning sleep. Hence, Yoga Nidra relates to the deepest level of rest and comfort that one can possibly achieve while in an aware state of mind.

Over the years, intellectuals and wise people formed a connection between the mind, body and the unconsciousness which helped them in understanding Yoga Nidra. They believed that this form of yoga was the one way in which the body, mind and the fine realms of the human could be brought to a form of restoration and could be healed and transformed.

When Yoga Nidra was taught in the past, not many people were aware of this practice however in the present day, not only are people aware of such a form of yoga but they are willing to embrace it as well. They have begun to believe that yoga is a tool which helps people in not only realizing and accepting their true self and their individual potential but it is also considered to be a powerful tool which can be used for the healing of one’s body. The best part of all is that this form of yoga is the kind that every individual can perform, regardless of age.

Yoga Nidra is also seen to be a great method which helps in the treatment of a variety of psychological problems such as sleeping disorders, substance dependency, chronic pain, low self esteem, anxiety and so on. This form of yoga has been studied in multiple clinical settings and in all; Yoga Nidra has proven to be effective. The best results of a study using Yoga Nidra come from a study which was conducted at the Miami Veterans Affairs and Walter Reed Medical center in which veterans who had returned from Iraq and were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder were tested. This particular study along with others proved what had been known for long and that is that this form of yoga is not only a way of transforming the body; it is a way by which an individual can transform his/her unconsciousness.

Any form of yoga is beneficial for an individual. Its effects are advantageous for the physical as well as the inner self of an individual. It brings about peace and serenity which is very much required in a world like today. Deep breathing and getting lost in a sense of peace and quiet is a right of every individual and one must take time out to treat their own body and soul to such peace. Remember, your inner peace is in your hands.