With Yoga and stretching classes available at the disposal of many people with lower back pain; it might provide some ease to the pain but according to recent research it should not be the only option that people with persistent lower back pain should opt for. This is mainly said because of the stretching involved in the mentioned exercises, but then again if done in mannered and prescribed way with the right amount of time taken for relaxation, it can do wonder for your pain.

For better look into the results of yoga and stretching exercises, a comprehensive study was conducted which involved the segregation of 228 adults into group of three who were inflicted with a long term back pain. The first two groups were targeted for doing yoga and stretching exercises. They went to classes for practicing the mentioned exercises in order to strength the back and the legs and these classes extended for a period of twelve weeks and these people were encouraged to do yoga and stretching at home during their free time. Next up was the third group which was given a hand book in which there were details of back pains and exercises were mentioned to get relieve from them. Also it told the reader to adopt certain lifestyle habits such as eating or ways to go by in daily routine.

After the allotted time of 12 weeks was over, the results should a significant drop in the level of pains magnitude especially in the group which did yoga and stretching exercises. However the people who got the book for getting rid of their problem of back pain, also should a drop in levels of the amount of pain endured by them, but the percentage of better results was in the favor of the first two groups.

It would be wise to say that yoga and stretching exercises are certainly a blessing in disguise for many people with back pain. Although it might be a bit expensive to join the classes for some individuals, but then again what is more important in life than the security of having a better and a pain free body. Many experts and doctors suggest that people with chronic back pain problems should be involved in some kind of exercise, which has movements of the body incorporate into it. Also, it is very important to go for an exercise which you like and will have fun doing it every day, because if it is a burden on you or you get bored while doing a certain workout than there a great chance that you will not continue it in the future. So go for exercises for betterment of your body and its future.  Click here to learn more about Group Fitness at Aerofit.