Create Strong Healthier Companies with Aerofit Health & Fitness

Our Goal:

We want the opportunity to help educate and coach you and your staff on what it takes to live a healthy fitness lifestyle.  We will custom build a program that is right for you and your staff.

The benefits of healthy lifestyles can and will impact your company.  From boosting morale to increasing productivity to lowing healthcare premiums, an Aerofit Partnership membership is the perfect way to strengthen your company by supporting your employees to achieve their individual potential through health and fitness.  Knowing the health, fitness, and activity levels of your employees will provide you the tools to strengthen your wellness opportunities, strengthen your healthcare program, reward healthy living and foster an environment of care for your entire company.  This benefit is endless to the individual and doesn’t stop at the end of the workday, it is a benefit you can extend to the whole family.


1) Obesity & Overweight – Adults with BMI over 25 are considered obese.  Obese employees cost employers in the U.S as much as $45 billion annually in medical costs and productivity costs.  Overweight and obesity raise the risk for more than 20 chronic diseases and conditions.  For every health-risk factor, productivity is decreased by 2.4%.  Only 18.5% of your employees exercise, so the risk of obesity is much higher for the 81.5% who do not.

2) Absenteeism – The average cost of absences per employee per year, has ranged from $422-$660.  For employees with multiple health-risk factors, this number can be significantly higher.  Active employees take 27% fewer sick days and 14-25% fewer disability days than inactive employees.

3) Return on Investment (ROI) –Wellness programs not only decrease health care cost by 26% annually, but they also have a great ROI.  For every $1 spent on a wellness program, the company gets a $5.81 return.  The top 4 wellness programs are:

  • Fitness center subsidy or reimbursement
  • Health and lifestyle coaching
  • Weight-loss programs
  • On-site fitness classes

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