There might be thousands of workout tips and trends available to you out there. But according to a survey conducted by American College of Sports Medicine, there are top 20 fitness trends for the year 2012 that might be of great help to attain a fit and toned body that you always dreamed of.

Dancing is a great workout for your whole body and Zumba, which is one form of dancing, has made its way to the list of 2012 fitness trends. Such type of dances are conducted in a group of 10 or more people which leads to a increase level of social interaction among people from different walks of life. This also causes to provide a general atmosphere of motivation for people to work together for their fitness and a healthy body.

Some of the other significant trend includes Core training and functional fitness programs, fitness programs for older individuals and exercise programs for children and obesity.

Another one of a pertinent trend for 2012 was that the employment of personal trainers would increase as more and more people are opting for exercise programs and joining the gym, hence individuals who have education in this particular field are needed to make sure that people with weight problems are getting the right type of exercise for their body.

This survey not only provided us with some general exercise trends to expect in 2012 but also shed light on few interesting facts that as of now, more and more people are working towards a healthier lifestyle than there were few years before. They want to explore new ways and methods which can help them gain a fit body, so for that they need fitness instructors to guide them through various fitness programs available out there. Thus increasing the job opportunities for such individuals in this dire economy as mentioned before.

It would be safe to say that with more awareness available regarding the types of food one should eat, what type of workout is good for you? Which exercise is best for your body type? And all other sorts of detailed information about having a healthier body, has made people become conscious about their looks as compared to before when the concept of working out was not that trendy and only athletes, bodybuilders or wrestlers used to be involved in the acts of exercise, general public would consider their working at home or offices as their workout.

So with the survey results at our hand, the trends for 2012 showing clearly the need for the people of this day and age, there are certain questions that arise as what part of these trends are people going to follow and if they do, will it be effective or not? Learn More about Fitness at Aerofit.