Doing any exercise wrong will be as bad as doing no exercise at all. There might be thousands of ways to do the right type of crunches, or many fitness trainers have their ways to do the warm up before starting a workout, but there are certain misunderstandings attached to the way one should exercise efficiently.

Given below are the top 10 fitness myths that one should read through so that they can clear any sort of ambiguities regarding the very basics of exercising:

1. Crunches lead to Six Packs
When it comes to the shape of the abdominal, everybody wants six packs. Let us break it to you, it does not happen overnight and it certainly does not happen with crunches and sit-ups. This area is focused on the function of the body and burning the fat will not help you shape the abdominal. The best advise by the experts if to focus on your nutrient and interval training, because what you eat is what is shown on your body.

2. More the volume of weights, the better for body
Many people have this misconception that if they increase the volume of weights along with increase in the time of workout, they will have stronger, more buffed up or athletic body; this is not true at all. They should give rest to their body in order to recover and built better muscle rather than a worn out body mass.

3. Pasta is the food for exercise
This idea is certainly not true. If athletes want to intake carbs before their workout then they should eat whole grain products and incorporate vegetables into their diet.

4. Squatting leads to pain
People mainly throw their knee related problem on to squatting. This myth is not true as people with such problems, have poor method or practicing squatting; what they do is that they push their knees forward to a great extent, where as it should be done in way where the shin matched the angle of the torso.

5. Defy injury with basketball shoes
These shoes might of some help in minimizing the risk of turning over an ankle but with the motions that are generated by their use, can cause different knee problems. So it is wise to suggest that these shoes do the opposite of the myth attached to them.

6. Strength should be ignored for distance running
Whoever said that strength is not important for distance runner is not thinking properly. It is suggested to do proper resistance training with effective rounds of reps, in order to increase strength

7. Few Stretches & Jog is a fine warm up
Many at times this type of warm up is fine for increasing the muscle elasticity but for better and competent warm up, one should circulate his joints, increase the body temperature, circulatory rate and other body motions of the body

8. More the cardio, more burn of the fat
People believe that more fat will be burned if one do long distance cardio, but the real deal is that you should take rest in between cardio as 70% of energy is derived from the fat. So more the rest, better will be the results

9. Static stretching is a injury preventer
Stretching your body to the point of tension such as in a hamstring stretch will only do injury to your joints. Instead one should focus on mobilizing the joints and activating the muscles.

10. Fat loss is equal to good body shape
No, this is not true. Being in good shape means that you have better energy and strength level as compared to before when had more mass on your body. Weight loss should provide you with stamina not only muscle loss.