Walking is one of the best low-impact activities that a person can do. Getting a good physical training workout does not always mean lifting weights or running on a treadmill, since fitness walking provides many of the same advantages if it is done right. Fast walking is a great addition to any personal training program. To get the most benefit from exercise, fitness trainer coaches recommend the following tips for fast, effective walking.

Fast Walking – A Good Body Workout

Walking is a form of physical activity that can help keep muscles strong and joints flexible and avoid the injuries that sometimes happen when running. For the best physical training workouts from walking, they must be done fast enough to increase heart rate and breathing, since leisurely walking does not offer as much of a benefit. Walking at a moderately fast rate burns more calories and also strengthens muscles.

Proper Walking Position

To get the most benefits from personal training with fast walking, it is important to use the proper form to prevent injury and promote a good workout. Eyes should be focused ahead and the back kept as straight as possible. When walking, the chest should be raised, the shoulders back, and the chin should be level to keep a straight back. Bend arms less than 90 degrees and allow them to swing from the front to the back; the elbows should not rise above sternum level. Breathe normally, yet deeply, allowing the speed of the stride to increase breathing as the heart beats faster. Get into a breathing rhythm that matches walking strides. Walk forward by pushing with the toes and landing on the heels, then rolling the bottom of the foot to push off with the toes once more.

Once accustomed to proper walking position and rhythm, increase your walking pace by taking more smaller strides and swinging the arms faster. Overstretching by elongating the stride does not increase physical training workouts, and may even cause injury.

Mistakes to Avoid When Walking

Believe it or not, it is possible to walk the wrong way. Fitness trainer coaches say walking incorrectly prevents any real physical gain or benefit. It can also cause injury, so it is important to learn the techniques referenced to walk properly. Avoid over striding, or purposely swinging the arms; they should swing effortlessly on their own. Fast walking should never be done holding weights. Avoid looking down or hunching over, as that affects the straightness of the back and positioning of the shoulders. The best walking is done with the spine and the rest of the body straight and in line to properly use all muscle groups without putting unnecessary strain on muscles or tendons.

Fast walking for fitness is a great physical training workout that has many benefits so long as it is done in good walking form that prevents strain, and improves muscles. Fitness trainer coaches can demonstrate correct walking position, so good habits are formed. By learning correct walking technique, anyone can add fast walking to their personal training program for a good cardio workout and full-body exercise. Best of all, fitness walking requires nothing other than a good pair of walking shoes – and can be done almost anywhere!

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