To run any company efficiently, may it be big or small, the wellness and fitness of its employees should be put high against other necessity of the firm. Lately, myriad companies have invested in corporate wellnessprograms, which are established in order to target employees well being and also to make sure that a healthy life style is adopted by the workers so that their productivity at work is increased. Some of the statistical data tells us that, incorporation of such programs in the employee’s life by the companies have almost doubled as of 2005 and is growing at rapid rate. According to National Business Group on Health in Washington, D.C, $3 is saved with every $1 dollar that a company invests in the fitness programs for its employees. Reason being, employees take less days off for sickness, proficiency is increased this results in an automatic increase in the profits of the company.

Furthermore, the wellness programs also help in reducing the level of insurance and medical claims by the employees, this is mainly because with a better and healthy lifestyle any individual will be happy and the magnitude of tension and depression will be less; only making the life of the employee easier.

The ways with which these companies are working with the corporate wellness programs include in providinggym, fitness instructors and a nutritionist to built up a healthy eating program for the employees. Also many companies are working on making available of healthy food at the companies cafeteria, so that when all of the employees eat healthy, their work efficiency will automatically increase. Other methods which are being adopted by many firms around the country include a fitness competition in order to encourage the employees for taking part in these contests which will be a great exercise for their mind, body and soul.

Plans such as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are being engineered to give support to all sorts of companies in regards of wellness for their employees. They will be given a certain amount of capital, which they can use to condone certain acts in company such as smoking, provide fitness and nutritional programs along management programs for stress and anxiety or work depression etc.

To sum it up, it would be wise to suggest that whatever initiatives that are being taken by the employers to work for the wellness of their employees should be done in best interest for the company, because in the end it’s the company that is going to be affected in all aspects if the employee is working competently or not. So the employees should also take on the healthy eating and exercise habits for a better present and future.