Yoga has been an activity which many individuals have been indulging in for quite a while. It is seen to have many benefits to the body and to the overall health of an individual. It is particularly said to be beneficial for those people who have back pain.

‘Archives of Internal Medicine’ is a medical journal which recently published a clinical trial which showed the beneficial effects of yoga on back pain. This led to those who were interested in yoga to take interest and generally people interested in the activity also arose to find out more as to what this clinical trial actually stated. People from the medical community too began to take interest in this clinical trial to further understand the benefits of yoga for back pain.

Since the clinical trial only wanted to see the effects of yoga on the generic lower back pain, people who actually had back problems were excluded from the trial. This was done so that the effects of yoga could be seen on simple low back pain which the common person feels on a regular basis. This was seen to be a good way of narrowing and simplifying the results of the study.

It is believed that yoga therapists and medical doctors treat different conditions in a variety of ways. For example, people suffering from herniated discs or stenosis might be treated by a yoga therapist by bending backwards or bending forward respectively. Hence in the trial, back pain was seen to be a normal and regular problem rather than being one which had a variety of causes.

It would definitely be a good idea if, in the future, studies were conducted which examined yoga’s effects on back pain in different individuals. Just like a medical doctor can best treat a patient when he interacts with him on a one-to-one basis, a yoga therapist too can provide better results and individual treatments if he were able to help each person do specific exercises according to his/her back pain. If the same procedure were applied to future studies, information could be selected which would help in better understanding the behavioral, psychological and perhaps even the spiritual benefits which yoga has on those who perform it; effects which have not been made visible through the clinical trial mentioned above.

The spiritual elements which are brought about by yoga are difficult to get a hold of when a large group of people are being studied. Despite using controls and techniques which help in controlling studies, it is still quite difficult to get the appropriate and accurate results. However now that the topic of wanting to analyze the spiritual, behavioral and psychological benefits of yoga has come about and is under discussion amongst various researchers, doctors and therapists, achieving answers is highly likely.

Yoga is definitely an activity which brings calm and relaxation to the individual’s performing it and it is a great way for people to unwind from the stress and tension they face in their lives. Everyone deserves some time to relax and yoga is one way to do it along with curing a little back pain.  Click here to learn more about Group Fitness at Aerofit.