Most people understand the benefits of exercise for staying physically fit and keeping healthy. Regular exercise at fitness centers and group workout centers certainly help keep a sound body. As we now know, workout programs are also beneficial in keeping a sound mind as regular exercise promotes brain health. With a routine workout – with or without personal workout coaches – a person can also gain the important benefit of better mental sharpness from improved brain function.

How Does Exercise Improves Brain Function?

As the saying states: “use it or lose it.” This also applies to the brain as well as to the physical body. Physical exercise, whether alone or as part of a fitness program, has been proven to preserve brain function and mental sharpness, adding one more reason why staying active is so important. Because exercise increases cardiovascular function and pumps more oxygen throughout the body, brain function also increases, including the release of certain brain chemicals. A positive effect experienced by those who regularly exercise is the release of beneficial endorphins, adrenaline, and other chemicals to improve brain health and mental clarity.

How Does Exercise Decrease Stress, Anxiety and Depression?

One of the best ways to relieve stress, anxiety or depression is to be physically active. Of all the chemicals released during periods of physical exercise, nor-epinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and others can relieve the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety quickly and naturally. A good diet is also recommended for these conditions; however, de-stressing with physical exercise is a great way to relieve such symptoms quickly and without medication. Working out at an exercise center helps to deeply relax and then get a good night’s sleep.

How Does Regular Exercise Improve Memory and Brain Power?

Studies on the effects of physical activity on memory and cognition reveal that workout and exercise programs help to improve memory and increase brain power in important ways. Cardiovascular exercise promotes the production of new brain cells and increases brain performance. A heavy workout that breaks a sweat, under the guidance a good individual fitness instructor, increases the production of hippocampus cells, which are responsible for memory and learning. Physical exercise also helps with decision-making through the increased production of certain brain proteins. This is vital in helping to prevent age-related changes in mental ability. A workout class may even help ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

How Does Exercise and Brain Health Help Fight Addictions?

Since addictions are habits partially controlled by the brain, researchers have found that good, regular exercise that maintains a proper brain chemistry balance can help treat addictions and relieve symptoms of withdrawal. With the release of different chemicals that promote feelings of well-being and content, those fighting addictions often have better success in becoming healthy when they exercise.

Looking and feeling great is important – and a primary reason why many people choose to join physical fitness centers offering group classes, or training with individual exercise instructors. Brain health is important at any age and should not be overlooked. Staying physically and mentally young is a great reason to join a fitness center. Find a neighborhood one and learn about the variety of exercise programs offered!

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