The main reason most people fail to achieve their fitness goals is a lack of motivation to keep exercising. Even people who join health and fitness centers may drop out; so it is important to take steps to increase motivation while trying to increase fitness. Joining health and fitness programs is one of many ways individuals can stay motivated, although it is not the only way. Consider the tips mentioned below to keep motivated and reach your desired fitness goals.

Make Exercising Fun

One of the biggest ways to lose motivation and reduce interest is by allowing a health and fitness plan to become repetitive and boring. When exercise is forced and not enjoyable, it becomes harder to continue. Fortunately, there are many ways that exercise can be fun, from working out to good music, to making a workout plan that involves a friend or a group fitness class with a more social environment, allowing participants to make friends, encourage each other, and generally enjoy and look forward to their workouts.

Make Exercise Convenient

Another big contributor to lost motivation is exercise that interferes with life, making finding the time a real challenge. If time is short, plan for something at home. Joining health and fitness centers that are on the way to or from work, or any other frequent stop that adds convenience. Plan workouts on days when the most time is available, or rearrange schedules a bit to make the time.

Set Realistic Goals and Track Progress

A common motivational killer for many is lack of results. It is impossible to see any results without setting goals and tracking them. By making a health and fitness program that includes realistic goals, then keeping a good record of exercise schedules and the results gained helps maintain motivation. Discouragement comes from expecting more results than are reasonably possible in a short amount of time. Celebrate the small successes when smaller goals are reached, then simply add more goals to the list as each small goal is crossed off.

Add Variety and Flexibility

Before allowing a health and fitness program to become too monotonous, switch up the routine by adding different types of exercises. Not only will this create the benefit of a more thorough, full-body workout, it will keep things more interesting. Walk outdoors one day, do aerobics another, and be flexible. If there are days it is impossible to fit in exercise, skip it, and get back on track the next day.

Skip the Guilt, But Not the Reward

Feeling guilty over a missed workout, or failure to meet a goal, is not beneficial. That instead causes a person to harbor negative feelings, which are destructive when trying to maintain motivation. Accept a missed goal and move on. When a goal is met, give yourself a small reward, perhaps in a small way such as an afternoon of “me time,” a massage, a new outfit, etc., and then keep going.

Above all, a positive view of working out, whether at home, or at a local health and fitness center, is one of the biggest ways to sustain motivation and continue to exercise. Relax expectations or demands and enjoy fun and interesting exercise plans. Follow the tips above – and slow, steady success is a sure thing!

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