Working out is a great way for people to get much-needed exercise to help maintain personal fitness and health. Group fitness training has become one of the preferred ways for getting that exercise, in a fun environment that keeps people interested and coming back, week after week. Today, fitness centers offer more classes in groups than ever before, in a variety of categories to fit all different types of exercise needs and activity levels. There are more specialty classes and specific training classes available, giving people more opportunity to train for specific physical needs in a social group setting.

Group Exercise Classes – The Basics

Although the menu of classes available at group workout centers is rapidly expanding, group exercise is not a new concept. Classes that have been popular for many years can still be found at most group fitness clubs, and are frequently a great starting point for anyone who has only exercised on their own and never been in a group training class. Among the most popular group classes for individual fitness are yoga, aerobics, step, and indoor cycling, as well as kick-boxing and water exercise. These are only the basic classes, as it is now possible to find a group class for just about any type of workout.

Group Dance Exercise

Dancing is a fun way to get started with personal exercise goals. Today, fitness facilities offer a vast selection of dance exercise classes, each designed to fit various musical tastes and individual fitness needs. Zumba is one a popular choice, as are group dance exercise classes such as hip-hop, African dance, Jazzercize, and others that offer a good cardio workout while enjoying popular music. There are popular combination dance classes like Batuka, which gives a full body workout, and belly dancing, for a cardio and abdominal workout.

Group Strength Training

A newcomer to the group workout roster is strength training, which is becoming popular for some very good reasons. Many of these classes offer some cardio; however, the focus is on strength and muscle building, or total body workouts, which require attention to detail. When working out individually, many people end up missing important muscle groups, or making errors in their training; when such work is done in a group, such problems can be prevented. Strength training in groups also offers a different type of atmosphere than working out alone. Combination “boot camp” type classes provide a variety of exercises in a slightly more competitive setting, which many people find motivational and help their levels of achievement.

Whether looking for something basic, or interested in a more specific workout, there is a group fitness training class for everyone today. Exercise centers offer a multitude of ways for a person to increase their personal fitness in a fun, social way. Group workout classes provide the benefit of more specific training in enjoyable and effective workout settings!

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