At Aerofit we have a variety of Group Exercise Classes to suit any level participant. There are multiple benefits to exercising in a group setting. You receive motivation from the instructor and the other participants, while making friends with members who also want to improve their health. Whether you are lifting and toning, cycling, stepping, dancing, or doing one of our yoga classes you will feel welcome and encouraged to keep coming back for more


Aerofit pairs personal training programs with highly experienced and dedicated staff to get you the results you desire. From One-on-One training to Corporate Fitness programs, Aerofit can meet your health and fitness needs. Ready to sign up?


What do we mean by Smart Start? We understand that effective fitness programs approach each person as a unique individual. Our certified fitness professionals are here to create a program that is tailored just for you. We offer 3 FREE sessions with a trainer to all Aerofit members.

Our Commitment to You:

Aerofit trainers inspire a balanced, active lifestyle by empowering you to discover fitness through our passion and commitment to total health.

Our Commitment to Fitness:

Aerofit trainers pursue a career in mastering the quality of movement, science of nutrition, relevance of recovery, and synergy of training systems.

Your Commitment:

You will bring your body, heart, and soul into this journey – knowing that each positive change in your lifestyle brings with it the potential for more success and satisfaction than you knew the day before.

What to expect during your 3 Smart Start Sessions

  • Detailed analysis of your goals, exercise and medical history, and dietary, stress, and sleep patterns
  • Baseline measurements such as weight, body fat percentage, and circumference measurements. (also RBP and RHR)
  • An in-depth instruction on proper breathing and core activation techniques.
  • Analysis of trunk/spine movement as well as proper instruction on how to perform major movement patterns such as squat, lunge, push, and pull patterns.


Give Aerofit the opportunity to help educate and coach both you and your employees about the benefits of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Healthier employees means more production for your company! Please contact us for more information by emailing


Aerofit is now hiring professional fitness trainers!

Aerofit Health & Fitness Center is looking for professional, full-time Fitness Trainers who want to pursue a career in the physiology and psychology of fitness training.

Duties of an Aerofit Fitness Trainer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Teaching proper biomechanics of resistance training through our detailed functional movement screen
  • Identifying and correcting muscular imbalances and movement inefficiencies
  • Creating custom fitness programs through proper program design
  • Providing personal nutrition coaching specific to client goals
Our trainers are committed to achieving success through goal setting, team building, and continuing education.  Submit your resume online or bring it to David Marethouse at 979-485-9999.