Staying physically fit requires getting the right amount of exercise, something that differs for every person and is based on many variables. Attaining physical fitness, or building fitness and endurance for specific purposes, is something entirely different. To get the best fitness training workouts, it is important to understand the differences between exercise and training, especially when enrolling in fitness or training classes at local physical training clubs. Before enrolling in any exercise programs at fitness training centers, fitness goals must be identified so that exercise or training can be tailored to those goals.

Defining Exercise

Exercise is something every person needs, whether that exercise is obtained by daily walks, swimming, Jazzercise, crossfit training classes or any other method of getting the body moving. Everyone needs some amount of physical activity to stay healthy. How much we need is defined by our individual fitness goals. Exercise is physical activity done to increase and maintain general fitness, and to keep the body strong and healthy. Exercise burns calories, keeps muscles and joints fit and flexible, and provides results based on the amount of exercise a person does. Results typically plateau unless an increasing amount of exercise is done. Based on individual needs and physical limitations, nearly everyone can and should exercise, whether this is to attain peak fitness or to simply stay flexible.

Defining Training

Athletic training is a step beyond routine exercise, and demands greater amounts of physical activity. When fitness goals are higher than simply the desire to reach or maintain general physical fitness – such as for improved athletic performance, physical competition, strength, or endurance building – and exercise routines do not produce enough results, fitness training workouts are the answer. Physical training requires a more strenuous workout as well as exercising beyond plateaus. This involves continually increasing fitness training workouts to include longer exercise times, heavier weights, and more activities to build muscle and cardio fitness for desired results. Training programs are tailored to specific fitness goals and may require different types of workouts to get the necessary results.

Training or Exercise – Which Do You Need?

What a person needs to achieve physical fitness depends on their exercise goals. Those seeking overall physical fitness to improve health and promote general strength, flexibility, and endurance levels based on their abilities should enjoy fitness training workouts to reach and maintain that level of fitness. For those who want to surpass general fitness to be stronger and more fit for a specific purpose, such as for participation in strenuous sports or other activities, specific training classes at physical training clubs are recommended.

Before signing up for fitness training workouts at the local training center, it is important to have a fitness goal in mind. Is general health and fitness the desired result, or is it the ability to participate in competitive sports or other strenuous activities? Only the proper fitness training workouts will produce desired results, while the wrong workouts may even be harmful. For more information about fitness and athletic goals, and how to achieve them, physical training clubs provide the best guidance and assistance for all – regardless of what a person’s exercise or training goals may be!

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