Group exercise classes are very popular, offering the chance to have fun and be social while getting a good workout with professional fitness trainers. To obtain the most benefit from group exercise, fitness center members should choose classes with good group exercise coaches, since the right coach is important to a good workout. Personal exercise coaches who help their clients train with the correct approach to group exercise often have better success with their classes. Following are some of the qualities to look for in a good exercise class instructor when enrolling in fitness classes.

  • Personable and Attentive – The first step in gaining a person’s trust and confidence, especially in an environment where some may not feel very confident, is to be personable. It is helpful when group exercise coaches introduce themselves and take the time to meet class members, remember their names, and learn their goals. Exercise coaches can help members feel more welcome and more a part of the group, which lets the entire exercise class benefit from a friendly, social environment. This is true whether it is in a group or individual exercise setting.

  • Informed – Personal exercise coaches should inquire about past workout and fitness history. It is also very important to ask about any injuries or conditions that should be considered when a member of a workout group. Acknowledging each class member’s limitations and personal concerns shows a dedication to help every client, which is an essential quality for any fitness trainer to have.

  • Teaches With Explanations – Showing a class how to do something is only one part of the process when leading group fitness classes. Group exercise coaches are a great help when they also explain while leading. Trainers may even want to give participants some valuable health or scientific information to back up a particular exercise routine. Helping clients understand functional movements and the benefits of different exercises helps them learn how a proper workout will yield the best personal results.

  • Supportive In the Right Ways – Encouragement is essential in keeping people motivated, along with constructive criticism. Personal exercise coaches must understand the fine balance between providing enough of both, in a way that does not leave class participants embarrassed or feeling singled out. It is critical to also to keep any personal or health details a fitness student relays to a trainer confidential. Trainers need to recognize the difference between discussions during group training sessions versus working one on one with a client.

Group exercise coaches must treat each class like a business, yet maintain a casual environment to keep members comfortable. Group and personal exercise coaches who pay attention to details and lead exercise classes with a fun outlook are the best instructors. By doing this, participants can develop a comfortable and beneficial relationship with their coaches – and achieve the best results from their training!

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