In today’s electronic world, the life of a child has become a virtual hub. The social circle of friends has been substituted by a virtual network and video games simulating reality have replaced real parks and games. Parents nowadays are quite concerned about these recent ‘developments’ in children’s activities and have been steadfast in trying to find a way around this problem by getting their kids away from computers and getting kids back into the real world. There are some ways that parents have found that would help recover our children from the clutches of the digital world.

First of all, one should be aware of a child’s psyche in order to change their thinking and divert their interests. Your idea of exercise should not at all sound like a task or an errand to the child and the act should be entertaining. The parents should indulge and interact with their while they are trying to indulge their children in such sort of activities. They should run with them, walk with them and try to inspire them. The fact is that children under the age of 17 are required to moderately pace for at least an hour every day and general young people need to stay invigorated by divulging in sports such as football or jump rope. Parents who themselves are purely and wholly interested in keeping their children fit and are interested in bonding with them by playing catch with them or other activities, are those whose children grow up with strong and healthy minds. The easiest way to ‘fool’ a child in to such an activity is to sugar-coat the experience as a fun activity or a game and not something that is healthy for them. Because kids will be kids and they are only interested in fun activities and not healthy activities.

Another successful way to diverge a child’s attention is by removing all negative influences and changing the child’s environment. These changes in the environment include all kinds of entertainment that lies in the digital or electronic realm. And if the child is interested in playing a video game, then it should be action and motion based video games such as PlayStation 3 Go, Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect or the Nintendo Wii. These games indulge the child’s entire body and hence both fun and fitness are experienced simultaneously.

Parents are usually oblivious of the fact that once a routine is established, then children would get used to it and then be interested themselves to pursue healthy activities themselves. Usually, children are reluctant to go play outside because they might not be used to those activities. Moreover, some children do not prefer to do something that are not part of their own routine and something new. Another way to encourage healthy activities is to enroll the child in a fitness program for a month or so. This way he would also meet other kids and would indulge in group fitness activities.