Physical fitness is just as important for kids as it is for adults. When the end of the school year rolls around, summer camps offer parents a great way to ensure their children are getting enough activity during those hot weather months. Many camp programs are structured to include fitness classes, providing kids plenty of opportunity to maintain personal fitness, with encouragement from coaches, in a fun environment. Besides staying fit, a structured group fitness workout has a lot of other benefits for kids – and their parents, as well!

Maintain Health and Fitness

Summer camp programs usually involve a number of fun activities, most of which involve being outdoors, doing some type of exercise. Some camps provide actual exercise classes, while others structure their schedules to include activities that provide the same amount of physical activity as a class does, but in a more entertaining way. Walking, hiking, swimming, and other activities are both physical and enjoyable, with the benefit of providing a good workout. Combined with periods of rest and healthy snacks, kids get a great group exercise session that promotes good health, without even realizing it.

Keeping Up Daily Routines

Schedules during the school year can get a bit hectic; however, such structure provides a much needed routine that is actually important in every child’s life. Rather than allowing summer vacation to disrupt established routines, summer camp offers a child the continuity of a daily structure that will help maintain individual fitness, a good activity level, and regular sleep schedules. Camps also keep kids from becoming bored during the summer months. Children and parents both benefit from enrolling kids in summer camp, as it enables both sets to continue with a comfortable, daily routine.

Social and Personal Skills Growth

Children who attend summer camps often make new friends, which is great for expanding their social circle and enhancing social skills. Team strengthening activities encourage cooperation and compromise, with a side opportunity to develop leadership skills. Independence and teamwork skills improve as children partake in a variety of physical and educational activities that challenge them in a fun way. A well-structured camp program considers personal skills, and coaches a child to help improve them.

Great Learning Experiences

Some camps focus on a certain topic or activity – like art, sports or nature. Others include a well-rounded menu of activities to expose children to many different opportunities. Either way, good camp programs offer new learning experiences perhaps not found elsewhere, coaching regarding personal fitness, encouragement of skill development, and exposure to new interests.

The end of the school year is just around the corner, so now is the time for parents to consider summer camp options. Whether summer camps offer specific exercise training, or simply involve activities that equate to getting a good fitness workout within a group, these summer vacation programs are highly recommended. Keeping children active, in both body and mind, allows them to be healthy and happy all summer long!

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