There a lot of women out there who have this enthusiasm to stay fit and active, so for that they tend to adopt exercises or healthy sports activities individually or with a group of friends.  Hence, the experts have narrowed down the top five sports activities which not only have huge healthy benefits but are fun to do. So if you are one of those women who have passion for such activities, the list below will help you find the best sport which is good for you body.

With cycles at your disposal, you should not hesitate to cycle around your neighborhood or in a particular park. It is one the cheapest and best ways to increase you endurance strength, do cardiovascular workout and it also helps in lowering the stress level in your body. What more is important about this sport is that even if you are pregnant, it would not do any harm to your body. Weight loss is another factor which can be achieved by doing cycling which can make you look better.

Going to a local ladies club where there is a swimming pool is, is not a bad idea t all. In fact opting for swimming is one the healthiest step that you can take for your body. This sport involves the use of every muscle group in your body and provides benefits for heart and lungs equally. With swimming no injuries are faced and is perhaps the best exercise for women and men of all ages and also for senior citizens, as it requires the movement of the muscles in the body and keep them active.

Rock Climbing
Many people have marked it as a sport for men, as it involves a lot of strength and stamina. But now it is not the case as majority of the women are discovering the benefits for rock climbing and besides it is a lot fun and adventure that one should do for experience of life time. Furthermore, climbing is great source of providing strength and flexibility in your muscles and is also a great stress reliever.

Disc golf
Disc golf is kind of sport which is almost like regular golf but there is the use of freebee or a disc involved in it. It the one the easiest of sports for women which can help you provide with benefits of a workout without costing as much, as disc golf is really inexpensive. Some the benefits are of disc golf are equivalent to benefits from aerobics, hill climbing or walking.

If you have a friend who is as enthusiastic as you to do hiking than it will be an excellent way to experience something that will stay for you for a life time. Experts tell hat with hiking a normal person burns up to 370 calories per hour. For women who have a lot of stress emerging from work and family, it is great way to lower it to an extended level.