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Health and Fitness Needs - What To Eat After A…

Getting the best workout involves many things, from staying hydrated to a proper warm-up. Another thing that enables people to get the most benefit from their health and fitness programs is knowing when and what to eat, especially after exercise.…

Exercise Workouts vs Training Workouts - Any Difference?

Staying physically fit requires getting the right amount of exercise, something that differs for every person and is based on many variables. Attaining physical fitness, or building fitness and endurance for specific purposes, is something entirely different. To get the…

Safe Exercise in Hot and Humid Weather!

Keeping fit requires a regimen of consistent exercise that could include enrolling in personal exercise classes. Good nutrition is also an essential part of fitness to get the best workout possible. In the summer, eating right is especially important because…


Aerofit takes great lengths to find the best staff. We believe in exceptional member service. Our trainers are the best around.

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