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Children and Fitness - What About Summer Camp Programs?

Physical fitness is just as important for kids as it is for adults. When the end of the school year rolls around, summer camps offer parents a great way to ensure their children are getting enough activity during those hot…

Exercising Motivation - Tips To Help You Get Started!

Most people are really excited when they join an exercise center, so anxious to get there and start working out! Then reality sets in, daily schedules get interrupted, and before you know it - you're having a hard time pushing…

Group Fitness Classes - A Changing Focus!

Working out is a great way for people to get much-needed exercise to help maintain personal fitness and health. Group fitness training has become one of the preferred ways for getting that exercise, in a fun environment that keeps people…


Aerofit takes great lengths to find the best staff. We believe in exceptional member service. Our trainers are the best around.

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